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A Combination of Business & Tech

BUSINESS Is My Sole Motivation For TECH


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About Me

Hello, I’m Aks Jain. I’ve Have Led 3 Startups As A Co-Founder, CTO!

Currently, I am working on my new innovative idea and hoping it to launch as early as possible. I have been the CTO of Metrol Media , a modern day Digital Marketing and Business Consultancy Agency. In the 3rd year of high school, I embarked on the journey to various entrepreneurial ventures but faced criticism from the fools who don’t have any knowledge about business.

I have been criticised by the society at all stages of my life and I am seriously fed up now watch me win🏆 .I have seen ups and mostly downs and one thing I can say
“God shuffled the cards dealt me a hand with impossible odds, Put an obstacle course up and look 👀 how I will conquer them all.” 

  • Web Development
  • Android Development
  • Android Penetration Testing
  • Blockchain Development
  • Basic programming(c, c++, js, java)
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Analysis
  • New Business Development
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ads

My Vision

My Vision

I believe that the successful business of  future will be the ones using technology at its best. I aim to be one of the most sucessful business minded tech founder in the industry within next 10 years. I want to help startups with my skills as a Co-Founder or a CTO and after retirement, as an Angel Investor.

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